I long for your presence. My feet guide me to you with ease, anxious and wanting. Your eyes are closed Breathing in and out, lips moving Whispering praises of God. I sit and watch I wish that you'd beckon me to sit beside you. My arms yearn to wrap themselves around your worn shoulders. Finally… Continue reading unspoken


light is a gift & a mercy

At a point in my life where I was feeling extremely low, there was a sister I met for the first time who greeted me with the warmest of smiles. We began speaking, and her words instantly tugged at my heart and made me uncontrollably tear up like a baby. This embarrassing moment of crying… Continue reading light is a gift & a mercy

21 truths I learned in 21 years

I hit 21 on August 14th of this year, and after some time of reflection (and mourning of my childhood) I wrote down a list of things I learned to be true in life: sometimes things may take longer for you than they do for others. there's a reason for that. trust the process, and… Continue reading 21 truths I learned in 21 years

living in egypt

As soon as I stepped out of the airport, I remember gulping in the ancient air and instantaneously looking around. I absorbed everything in awe: the ground plastered with sand, the exhaust from the traffic of cars swirling up into the bright blue sky, the worn buildings, and copper-colored people rushing back and forth -… Continue reading living in egypt